Strong, smart, sensuous heroines; heroes to die for.

About Me

Writing stories was never on my radar screen. Getting a university education, working for awhile, and then finding the love of my life were lofty enough goals for me. Life doesn't stop with attainment.  Four wonderful children brought needs for nurturing them to adulthood as well. Once grown and flown my time was free to do whatever suited my hubby and me, but then fate stepped in as it has a way of doing, and I was stricken with serious heart issues at 54.

To take my mind off my woes I started reading Harlequins. Soon the stories were sounding the same and I wondered if I could possibly write something that had substance and would entertain. On a trip through New England, a story constantly evolved in my head. I tried to shake it but it wouldn't let go. I decided to write it down. At my husband's insistence, he taught me the world of computers. It has been movement forward ever since.

My present goal is not to write perfection, but to lift my readers away from the atrocities of the world to an interest in the development of relationships between characters they may come to adore.I sincerely hope you enjoy my efforts.